The Rat Wars – Part One – the Old Homestead

Old Maine farmhouses have granite blocks or huge stones for foundations.  Over time, whatever filling was used between the blocks falls out. Eventually, mice, rats, and the occasional red squirrel, get in and immediately set to work looking for ingress … Continue reading

On the Ground & Moving Forward

Greetings, Good People, on thisNovember 11, 2012I do hope you are all well and warm and ready for winter, yet again.  Get out the longies, mittens, wool socks, hats, and enjoy life since we have survived thus far.                                     ON … Continue reading

Creating our own Livelihoods

Be your own cheap labor: Turn your lawn into a garden Print Email Share Tweet By Nancy Oden, Special to the BDN Posted Oct. 03, 2012, at 4:21 p.m.         Peter Aldridge Nancy Oden is pictured in … Continue reading

Explaining Global Warming to Deniers

            Virtually everyone agrees our climate is heating up.  Hard to deny the obvious.            But many people still don’t believe humans had anything to do with it, because they’ve been told by fossil fuel profiteers’ spokespeople that this warming is … Continue reading

Emma’s Ordeal & a Happy Ending

     Last week just before dark, as is our custom, I let Emma the Golden Retriever out to “go.”  It was a beautiful evening so I left the door open for her to come back in.       Since I’ve let … Continue reading

My Red-Hot Saturday Night

   If you can watch videos on your computer, please watch this one.  It’s only 2 minutes long.   Truly beautiful.             Now to last Saturday night.               I had just made a large bowl of organic popcorn and was about … Continue reading

Why Do We Allow This?

      What strange, possibly toxic, chemicals are in those Bounce sheets you put in the dryer with your clothes and linens?       Breathing unknown chemicals 24 hours a day:  what’s that doing to you?   Solution:  put up a clothes-line and … Continue reading

A Modest Proposal to Create Many Good Livelihoods

Pharmaceutical corporations have lawyer lobbyists in Augusta andWashington,D.C., plus they   make huge financial contributions to politicians, thus ensuring their addictive synthetic drugs (Oxycontin, et al) keep pouring intoMaineand into our young people’s bodies. More pills sold=more profits.  Profits are, as … Continue reading

Free Food

     Here in mid-April, warming weather is providing us with free food in our own yards   For lunch, you can pick an excellent salad of young Dandelion greens—full of vitamins and minerals—and garden chives and/or other safe-to-eat wild greens.  Or just … Continue reading

Good Work, But Not Good Enough

Since most of us don’t visit food banks, and the poor are not very visible, it’s pretty easy to ignore their lack of necessary food. We’re all busy, after all. As the number of people who don’t have enough food … Continue reading